Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chocolate Chip Pie

I was searching for a recipe to use my 2nd frozen pie crust and came across this one on All Recipes. It looked simple to make, had gotten 5 star reviews, and I had all the ingredients on hand- it sounded perfect! It came together in no time, and it was really good! It tasted like a big chocolate chip cookie! We tried it both warm and at room temperature and both preferred it at room temperature. When it is warm, the chips are all melty, which is good, but it tastes more like a chocolate pie. At room temp, it tastes like a cookie. So try it both ways and see how you like it! I followed the recipe with the exception of using half brown sugar and half white, so just click on the link above to get it!


  1. Hey Whitney, was there a particular reason for half white sugar, half brown? I seem to remember reading once upon a time about using white sugar for crunchier things, but maybe I made that up. I always enjoy reading this. :) Miss you guys! Love from Wichita.

  2. Hey Laura! Glad you still enjoy my little blog :) I think that when making cookies, white sugar does make them more crisp because it has less moisture than brown. Also, brown has some molasses in it so the flavor is slightly different, which is why I used it. I just like its flavor better, but I don't know how it affects the texture in this recipe since I would think it would be pretty soft no matter what. We miss you too!